by Maria Rotger

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Translation Services

Seasoned translator and linguist

Our subtitle translation and creation services allow the audiovisual products to engage with broader audiences in other languages.

Get to know one of our specialized gastronomical translation services. Hotel meals, international dishes, and restaurant menus translations.

Our legal documents translation takes care of administrative and legal documentation for lawyers, notaries, and legal departments.

A website with an international audience must bring forward an excellent web content translation with localization, like that of SIGNEWORDS.

In specialized fields of study with cross-linguistic and cross-cultural alliances, our academic translation service improves your connections.

Corporations and business translations are intended for corporate, informational, advertising, legal, or financial texts and manuals.

Spread the essence of your advertising messages and internationalize your projects and ideas with our marketing translation service.

Our qualified hospitality and tourism translations, also for travel and promotions, constitute a descriptive and marketing translation service

Real estate translation for electrical and architecture plans, urban planning, property listings, mortgages, and rentals.

“As Treasurer of the Puerto Pollensa Yacht Club, I have asked SIGNEWORDS to prepare several translations from Spanish to English, often requiring knowledge of nautical terms and legal definitions. I have been consistently impressed by the standard of the translation work, which has been carried out professionally and to a native standard of English. I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others”Craig Williamson:


SIGNEWORDS is Maria Rotger’s team of seasoned translators, linguists, proofreaders, video editors, and subtitle creators, working for better communications through language.

We provide translations and language trends, software and videogame localization, text and video editing, and subtitle creation alongside script and stage play adaptation.

We are #wordusers

consistency upholding

In a world where chaos reigns, a determined group of linguists come together to form a task force dedicated to upholding consistency in all facets of language.  

teamwork & communication

In the high-stakes world of international linguistics, a mismatched team of experts must learn the true value of teamwork and communication.

Guaranteed nondisclosure

In a society where secrets hold power, a language expert team promises guaranteed non-disclosure to those seeking to protect their most sensitive information.

High standards

In the relentless world of language excellence, a meticulous project manager sets sky-high standards, demanding nothing less than perfection.

Ever-evolving mindset

In the face of language usage, a discerning entrepreneur embarks on a journey of line of work growth, embracing an ever-evolving mindset.