by Maria Rotger


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Globalization has been a game-changer in the architecture and real estate translation industry.

Builders and real estate companies outsource certain functions to seasoned linguists, making architecture and real estate translation a specialization for language use experts in this sector.

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The types of texts that may require architecture and real estate translation include:

  • architectural blueprints
  • electrical drawings
  • building codes
  • permits
  • real estate listings
  • marketing brochures
  • rental contracts
  • mortgage agreements

The real estate and architecture trade is a meeting place for all sorts of professionals:

  • engineers
  • architects
  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • lawyers
  • banking specialists
  • marketing professionals
  • real estate agents


All of the industries that these experts are involved in are specialized and require a highly skilled technical translation, which only a professional translation team like SIGNEWORDS can provide with full guarantees.

Architecture translation service

We can see architecture as the very beginning of the real estate process.

If there is no team of architects dreaming up the structure of the building and putting it down on paper through a series of blueprints and specifications, you can’t construct or sell any building.

This first step in the process is critical, as it lays the foundation (literally) for the steps that follow.

In our globalized world, many housing companies hire architecture experts worldwide who can prepare the necessary documentation, building an international team of experts.

Architecture technical vocabulary

Here’s an example of a particular housing developer in the US, for example, who may find the ideal architect in another part of the world – someone who isn’t fluent in English, so we would need to translate to English the building plans drafted by that architect.

Obviously, not just any translator is up to the task; architecture is a specific industry with its very own technical vocabulary, so only will be able to do handle it a technical translator who is both an expert in:

  • the source and target languages
  • the field of architecture itself

Besides, this linguist must be familiar with the local building requirements of the target region to ensure compliance.

Under the umbrella of architecture, you’ll find other experts whose collaboration is essential.

An architect may be well-acquainted with building codes but not as much with plumbing or electricity, both of which are essential.

Therefore, electric and plumbing experts will also come into the picture. And again, these professionals may or may not speak the same language.

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Impact of globalization relating to architecture and real estate translation

It’s not rare to find a British housing developer hiring:

  • a Spanish architect,
  • a Japanese electrical expert,
  • a German plumbing expert

 all in one go.

For each of these subcategories of the architectural process, a different sort of technical native translator will be necessary—someone who can translate each language.

This need is why it’s essential to team up with a translation team like SIGNEWORDS that can pull from a trusted pool of varied experts at any given moment as needed.

Eventually, you can compile the various bits of information provided by each expert and communicate them to the builders who will carry out the architect’s plan and make the abstract idea tangible.

Real estate translation services

Once the team has set the architectural project in place and construction has begun, the real estate industry begins to come into the picture, which inevitably involves marketing at this point in the process.

The developer will have a bunch of half-built houses or office buildings with no occupants,

 so it will have to go about the daunting task of finding buyers.

Particularly if the housing company is building in a foreign country or if it is targeting a certain international demographic locally, they will need to create and translate:

  • brochures,
  • real estate listings,
  • and easy-to-understand blueprint layouts.
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Marketing matters in architecture and real estate translation

Let’s analyze the case of an American housing developer who is spearheading a local building project in multicultural Miami, known for its melting pot of cultures.

The housing company may find it beneficial to translate to Spanish and Haitian Creole its brochures, to expand its potential housing market, as both are widely spoken in the area.

Naturally, no one would want to make an investment as serious as buying a house in a second language, so catering to different groups’ language preferences can help a company expand its sphere of influence.

In the architecture and real estate translation process, we also consider regional linguistic characteristics, making sure to localize the content so that it sounds natural and is understandable, to a specific population.

Once investors are secured, lawyers and banking experts come into the picture, which means that we’ll have a wide variety of legal document translations ahead:

  • home loan agreements
  • sale or lease contracts
  • appraisal documents
  • litigation agreements

Translate the technical language for the architectural industry

Again, this phase of the process involves highly professional communication that calls for a skilled translator to ensure the translation’s legality.

Legal translation is highly sensitive; a one-word mistake can have dire consequences, both for the buying and the selling parties, so the translator must be well-versed in the local legal requirements and terminology and in both the source language and the target language.


Architecture and real estate translation is a multidisciplinary translation type

As you can see, architecture and real estate translation are interdisciplinary, involving the collaboration of all sorts of technical translators professionally acquainted with various industries.

A professional translation team like SIGNEWORDS provides the team of professional translators that you need to make all those pieces come together and ensures a firm consistency

to fulfill a real state translation with a seasoned translator—we've got you covered.