by Maria Rotger


Professional Translation Services

Translation service

SIGNEWORDS’ professional translation services come together and are supported by our linguistic consultancy, localization, editing, and proofreading of documents, websites, software, videogames, subtitles, scripts, and stage plays.

Our subtitle translation and creation services allow the audiovisual products to engage with broader audiences in other languages.

Get to know one of our specialized gastronomical translation services. Hotel meals, international dishes, and restaurant menus translations.

Our legal documents translation takes care of administrative and legal documentation for lawyers, notaries, and legal departments.

A website with an international audience must bring forward an excellent web content translation with localization, like that of SIGNEWORDS.

In specialized fields of study with cross-linguistic and cross-cultural collaboration, SIGNEWORDS academic translation service can help you.

Corporations and business translations are intended for corporate, informational, advertising, legal, or financial texts and manuals.

Spread the essence of your advertising messages and internationalize your projects and ideas with our marketing translation service.

Our qualified hospitality and tourism translations, also for travel and promotions, constitute a descriptive and marketing translation service

Real estate translation for electrical and architecture plans, urban planning, property listings, mortgages, and rentals.

Art and music translation intended for artists, promoters, developers, galleries, museums, or agents aware of the market demands.

Software translation and videogame localization help make any software, website, app, or videogame internationally functional.

Localization and translation of style guides or style manuals, generally written in the primary working language of a company or project.

Aware of the new publishing and editorial requirements, we integrate publishing and literary translation into cultural translation.


Guaranteed working process

One of the core features of the SIGNEWORDS guaranteed working process is that we always work as a team.

Sticking to this system, two or more professionals coordinate all the consultancy and translation projects before delivering them to the customer.

We talk, discuss, confer, and make well-thought-out decisions, even when there’s little time to do it.

This way, we guarantee our language services’ high standards.


The project manager prepares a free quote for the customer.


If the customer accepts the quote, maybe after having asked some questions, we move ahead.


In ongoing projects, we meet with the client to establish the project’s parameters when necessary.


The project manager and Maria Rotger assign the order to the appropriate team member or members.


Also the project manager and Maria Rotger double-check the work performed by the concerned professionals.


We deliver the job to the customer.


During the days following the job delivery, there could be further checking, given the need.

Professional translation services

At SIGNEWORDS, we provide professional translation services so that you can communicate and stay connected with broader audiences.

In addition, our professional language services range from language consultancy to translation services, including localization, editing, subtitle creation and scripts and stage plays adjusting.

We always work as a team and together with you because it is the only way to make sure that your content and communications conform to high-quality standards.

Definitively, our job is to ensure your content is well formulated and presents the best image of yourself, your company, and your projects.

Who covers our professional translation services?

Maria Rotger works with her team of trusted associates to complement her services in Spanish, English, and Catalan.

In this way, the work delivered is always drawn up and reviewed by more than one professional, either in the languages Rotger works first-hand and other languages provided by her reliable team.

SIGNEWORDS trusted linguists have reached our team thanks to their experience and excellent training, along with their proven interest in the evolution of language and of communication.

Some areas in which our language services apply

Some of our tasks for online products are:

  • Translating websites
  • Reviewing and updating web translations
  • Localizing videogames and software.


We also are in charge of:

  • Translating documents.
  • Proofreading originals and other translations.
  • Translating restaurant menus.
  • Reviewing and adapting scripts and stage plays.
  • Creating subtitles.
  • Language consultancy.
Vietnamese translation service
Subtitling translation service

Take advantage of our specialized translation service:

  • For lawyers and legal departments: legal translation
  • Also, for audiovisual producers, marketing agencies, and publications: communication translation
  • Among other professionals, videogame, software, and application developers: software translation and videogame localization
  • In the field of cultural translation, we also include gastronomic translation, music, and art.
  • Together with an area as broad as the academic: academic translation
  • And we create and translate subtitles.
Web content translation

As a linguistic team, we love to discover and investigate new subjects with our customers and work as a team with our associates.

Maria Rotger adapts, proofreads, translates, and localizes screen and stage plays in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

Our primary mission is that the speech is used appropriately in each working field, specialized sector, and art form.