by Maria Rotger

Check out how multilingual communications boost business

Breaking down cultural barriers is essential to expanding your client base in the globalized world —being mindful that multilingual communications boost business.

Are you looking to take your company to new heights in 2020? Note that multilingual communications boost business and start growing!

It’s no secret that we live in a global world.

Gone are the days when your clients were restricted to the local town or even the same country.

These days, to reach the next level, you have to be able to communicate with a multilingual audience.

The question is, what exactly does “multilingual communications” mean for your business?

People often assume that English is the global language of business.

While multinational conglomerates may use it as a standard, it’s easy to forget that in places such as China and Brazil, it’s by no means a necessity, nor is it widely spoken or understood.

In fact, the English language has just 25.3% of internet users worldwide.

While it may still be the dominant language of the world wide web, it’s clear to see that the linguistic landscape is changing.

In fact, in 2019, Chinese was named second in a list of the top ten internet languages globally, with Spanish also showing considerable gains.

Does the ever-changing business world have business leaders and budding entrepreneurs wondering how best to capture new clients in these emerging markets?

Why localization matters related to multilingual communications boosting business

The Common Sense Advisory claims that over half of consumers believe the availability of information in their language is more important than low prices.

What’s more, we know that audiences often consider websites in a person’s native language more trustworthy, making them more likely to purchase.

However, there’s far more to localization than merely translating text from one language to another.

It’s all about adapting a product or service to suit a specific region or culture, encompassing everything from color choices to currency formats.

Why invest in multilingual content?

Dedicating a percentage of your budget to multilingual communication services may be a little hard to swallow at first, especially if you’re used to managing your language needs internally.

However, high-quality localized content calls can only be created by a culturally competent linguist.

In other words, a professional translator with an extensive understanding of target culture nuances.

Still, think your bilingual colleague is up to the challenge?

Just imagine if your content contained mistranslations or even caused offense 📣

Research has shown that such errors have the power to diminish your reputation and make your business appear unprofessional or even arrogant.

 ℹ️ Investing in professional multilingual services will pay dividends.

It will help your business break down the linguistic and cultural boundaries in new markets, bringing you closer to the customer and increasing purchase probabilities.

Who says multilingual communication matters?

Let’s consider the case of Coca-Cola.

As perhaps one of very few truly global companies, its international success comes down, at least in some part, to its localization strategy.

By launching well thought out advertisements that are suitable for each of its markets:

It’s worth mentioning that this strategy extends far beyond:

For example, in China, cans of this world-famous beverage feature traditional cultural symbols, Chinese celebrities, and even significant events in the country’s calendar.

Of course, there are many reasons for the company’s success.

Still, its:

have undoubtedly played a crucial part in this.

So if it works for Coca-Cola, why won’t it work for you?

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