by Maria Rotger

Why language matters

Why language matters How many times have you used language today? Have you read a word on a sign? Or have you spoken to someone? Let words structure your thoughts? ➤ Language matters. It is an unsung hero that subtly permeates every aspect of our daily lives since language matters greatly, sometimes unnoticed. Aristotle postulated […]

Web application internationalization practices

The world is at your fingertips. With a smartphone or a web browser, you can reach the farthest corners of the globe. And the farthest corners of the world can now get your web-based application. Globalization When this globalization took off, many expected American cultural domination, and judging from their lack of proper web app […]

Loanwords and loan translations

What are loanwords and loan translations or calques Have you ever wished somebody ‘bon appétit’? Then maybe you want to read more about loanwords and loan translations. Or have you ever bad-mouthed anyone? Then loanwords and loan translations are for you. Maybe you have felt a pang of schadenfreude at another’s a misfortune?. Oh, I […]