by Maria Rotger

Communication before the internet │ Part 2

How media and information affect communication So, if the internet has only been around for a relatively short period in the grand scheme of things, why are we so dependent on it? When we step back and get a bird’s-eye view of the overall timeline of communication before the internet, we see an undeniable trend: […]

Communication before the internet │ Part 1

How was communication before the internet? We know. It’s hard to believe that people communicated without the internet once upon a time (not so long ago) → But there actually existed communication before the internet. ༄ Nowadays, the internet goes out at the office, and company-wide panic ensues. The alarms blare, people are astounded and […]


➤ Meetings that should be emails! Exciting News! Our comic short “Meetings should be emails” is a: ⭐️ FINALIST at the following film festivals: — INDEPENDENT SHORTS AWARDS — CYRUS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL ⭐️ SEMI-FINALIST at the: — INDIE SHORT FEST — INDIEX FILM FEST ⭐️ QUARTER-FINALIST at the: — TOP SHORTS ESP.- ¿Habéis notado que […]

Why language matters

Why language matters How many times have you used language today? Have you read a word on a sign? Or have you spoken to someone? Let words structure your thoughts? ➤ Language matters. It is an unsung hero that subtly permeates every aspect of our daily lives since language matters greatly, sometimes unnoticed. Aristotle postulated […]

Aussie English learning

Learn with us in our conversation with Aussie English learning Pete Smissen presents Aussie English learning. He’s the host of Aussie English, an online English learning platform with podcasts and a YouTube channel. Do you feel you are an influencer or a Youtuber? I don’t think I get enough feedback from students to know that. […]

The impact of a universal auxiliary language in the world

The impact of a universal auxiliary language on the world An airport can sometimes feel like a modern-day Tower of Babel, and the effect of a universal auxiliary language there is crucial. Foreign words linger in the air, and the effect of a universal auxiliary language is present! People exchange sheepish, hesitant looks that say, […]

Shape your beliefs and actions with words

Language shape your beliefs and actions Moreover, it’s the principal vehicle for humanity’s internal and external reasoning and communication, shaping your beliefs and actions Even though we’ve developed thousands of languages through the course of our evolution, it remains the primary tool to shape your beliefs and actions, to make sense of the world around […]