by Maria Rotger

Are language apps effective?

Are language apps effective? Or maybe not? Language can serve as the gateway to different societies and cultures. But are language apps effective? For this matter. Learning a language can enhance your travel experience, personal ambitions, and career goals. Are you looking for a way to completely immerse yourself in a new culture by learning […]

Travel and tourism copywriting and translation

Both travel and tourism copywriting and translation have the same goal They intend to create content that convinces and attracts the attention of the target customers Comparing them, travel and tourism copywriters have more freedom because translators have to stick to the source text. But travel and tourism translators have transcreation, ⤷ which is an […]

Localizing texts for eCommerce

Localizing texts for eCommerce is a translator’s task When does Localizing texts for eCommerce apply? You’ve just started an online business in America that is booming and want to expand to a European market; then, you need localizing texts for eCommerce What would that involve? On the surface, it may seem that all you need to […]

Loanwords and loan translations

What are loanwords and loan translations or calques Have you ever wished somebody ‘bon appétit’? Then maybe you want to read more about loanwords and loan translations. Or have you ever bad-mouthed anyone? Then loanwords and loan translations are for you. Maybe you have felt a pang of schadenfreude at another’s a misfortune?. Oh, I […]